(noun, etymology Dutch from ‘boedel’: estate, possession, inheritance, stock.). 1. Crowd, pack, lot, as in ‘the whole boodle.’ 2. a. Counterfeit money b. Money acquired or spent illegally or improperly, particularly when used in bribery for political purposes. 3. Slang for money in general.

Here are what some advance readers are already saying:

“Ronnie Kahn is a fine skipper on a big boat taking us through stormy economic waters. He understands that for this world to ever be a better place, we have to shake things up and stand them on their ends. We cannot rely on politics and economics. I believe BOODLE will help make little social activists of us all, promoting as it does the idea that change is something each and every one of us must create.”
—Chris Shiflett, lead guitarist of Foo Fighters

“Ronnie Kahn’s fascinating look at our financial reality and how to change it gives readers tools and insights unlike any other book on the market. Well-written, and punctuated with great examples, this is a must read.”
—Adele B. Lynn, Author of The EQ Interview and The EQ Difference

“Wow! After doing the fun exercises in chapter one, I was amazed at how my relationship with money has already begun to change.  This book is way overdue! Moving forward from these economic times will be a lot easier for anyone following Ronnie Kahn’s philosophy.”
—Nancy Langdon Jones, CFP, Author of So You Want to Be a Financial Planner

“At first I thought Ronnie was just providing some much needed fun with the topic of money. I didn’t know he was transforming the way it operates in my life, and hopefully in the lives of other people I interact with economically.”
—Kyra Ryan, Writer, Editor, and Utterly Biased Reformed Dabbler in Marxism

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