(noun, etymology Dutch from ‘boedel’: estate, possession, inheritance, stock.). 1. Crowd, pack, lot, as in ‘the whole boodle.’ 2. a. Counterfeit money b. Money acquired or spent illegally or improperly, particularly when used in bribery for political purposes. 3. Slang for money in general.

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WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., Sept. 7, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Due to recent stock market volatility, the Manufacturing Index of Irrelevance has risen to 160. Normally, a balance between image and substance is given a score of 100. However, due to the wild swings of fear and emotion in the financial markets, the index has reached its highest level ever.

The Substance-Image Index of Manufacturing and Production, or SIIMP as it is known, measures how much relevance there is in relation to reactions from actual events taking place. Since there is also a link between well-being, life goals, and values, a break can occur between too much focus on external events and self-importance.

On his BoodleWorld blog, Certified Financial Planner® Ronnie Kahn proposes financial activism to bring money back in line with well-being, harmony, self-knowledge, and cooperation.

“There is a medication for the extremes of today’s ADHD world, that medication is one that is more natural and holistic” Kahn argues.

Since the financial meltdown, his blog has been providing readers with ways to counteract rough economic times, offering unique and informative ways to get ahead individually while helping others do so as well. Now he proposes a financial activism as a way to restore more substance while providing well-being.

Read the complete blog about Financial Activism, including Do’s And Don’ts of being a Financial Activist. While you’re there, you can also explore Kahn’s site for tips and resources to get through these trying economic times, as well as advice on how to get out of your money ruts and for how to make money work for everyone.

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“It’s time to focus on what really matters. Our cultural story tries to describe money as something totally separate from our world. We supposedly behave out of self-interest and treat money differently from the real things we call living. This story needs drastic change or we will keep serving ourselves doses of irrelevance until there is not much left to value or save.”

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