(noun, etymology Dutch from ‘boedel’: estate, possession, inheritance, stock.). 1. Crowd, pack, lot, as in ‘the whole boodle.’ 2. a. Counterfeit money b. Money acquired or spent illegally or improperly, particularly when used in bribery for political purposes. 3. Slang for money in general.


DECLARING FAIRNESS WARFARE: the BoodleWorld Blog Proposes a New Money Website to Make Money Work for Everyone

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., Nov. 17, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With unemployment high and even those who have jobs barely able to make ends meet, and with CEOs of large corporations not seeming to feel their pain, Americans are increasingly hungry, not just for more money, but for financial fairness. READ MORE

BOODLEWORLD.COM ANNOUNCES A NEW WEBSITE: Beyond Financial Advice: How to Make Money Work for Everyone

Woodland Hills, CA – June 8, 2010 – What does a personal wealth manager who doesn’t believe there’s any such thing as personal wealth do when he’s not discussing clients’ nest eggs? For Ronnie Kahn, CFP®, the answer was to write a book and launch a website to share money stories and new ideas. Boodle is the result of years of Kahn’s thinking about the deeper meaning of this mysterious stuff we call, among other names, money. READ MORE

Manufacturing Irrelevance Index Rises as Measured by the BoodleWorld Blog

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., Sept. 7, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Due to recent stock market volatility, the Manufacturing Index of Irrelevance has risen to 160. Normally, a balance between image and substance is given a score of 100. However, due to the wild swings of fear and emotion in the financial markets, the index has reached its highest level ever. READ MORE

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