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It’s the Culture, Stupid

Posted on: Nov. 30, 2010  |  By: Ronnie Kahn  |  Category: Boodle-cise, General

I have spent many years trying to find out if our relationship to money can make our lives better.  I have had hundreds of conversations in my work with money and read just as many books on the subject.  There is one key ingredient that can start us on our path to a better life.

To use a twisted version of the old mantra from the Bill Clinton campaign of 1992 which was used to keep true focus on the real issue:  “It’s the Culture, Stupid.”

There are many gaps in what we know and what we think we know about money.  One universal in the conversations I have over money is that we all think of the green bugger as an individual experience.  It is “my money,” what “I own,” my career, and my decisions.

Think of your career, how many of us decided on our occupation against how many of us saw someone we admire doing a job that then interested us or was told of a job opportunity by a friend of a friend.

What we fail to understand and we need to embrace is the financial glue of our interconnectedness and energy around the social aspects of money in our lives.

Try envisioning such concepts, discussions, and decisions around success, comparison to others, reciprocity, trust, altruism, and image while including only our self.

Further, large numbers, now more than ever, move us and the mountains we are on.  The so-called “wisdom of crowds” makes us collectively clever and while Google controls the information formula, that formula is based on us and it is millions of interactions that give us the power through the internet.  Further, what is economics but decision making of which there is no way to separate both the individual and the social.

Once we have included the “we” and not just the “I” of our money lives, I have found we are much farther along the money path.  We will continue to see whether we can make our lives better by getting to the inner workings of money and how we will know when we do on our next blog post.

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