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Is Time Money?

Posted on: Aug. 3, 2010  |  By: Ronnie Kahn  |  Category: General

Think of all the products designed to save you time, such as pre-grated cheese and pre-washed lettuce, phones with speed dial, or that handy grill cheese iron from Ronco™. How many of these do you buy?  How much time do you think they save you in a day?  Do you use technology as a reflection of who you are or does technology affect who you are?  For example, do you channel surf because it brings you more enjoyment or access to things to see or are you becoming your remote control, becoming accustomed to not watching something from start to finish?

Think back in five year increments on how much faster your life has become. Did you work more or fewer hours, exercise more or less, eat and prepare meals differently, sleep more or less? Do you have more or less leisure time now than you did five years ago? Ten? Fifteen? Twenty?

Is time money? If so, how much money is your time worth? If not, what is time?

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  • tom says:

    Time cannot be money because you cannot exchange it for money or anything else. Time is our most valuable commodity because without time, we cannot possibly grow or change. And, yes, as we age time appears to move faster and faster.

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