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Financial Fairness Fridays

Posted on: Feb. 19, 2014  |  By: Ronnie Kahn  |  Category: Advice, Boodle-cise, General

Only You Can Save Us from Catastrophe

Perhaps you have heard about Moral Mondays (MM).  The folks in North Carolina take Monday as a day to restore fairness in government and social justice.  Now that these activists have begun to stimulate our consciousness into action, it is time to add another day to the social justice calendar and we will call it Financial Fairness Fridays (FFF).

What is behind MM is not just about politics but about victimization as we have become desensitized to a “winner-take-all and damned who gets left behind attitude.”  The point is not to see this as being about that there are winners and losers which translates to sour grapes for those on the short end.  Yes, there will be winners in a flourishing economy but we need to give everyone a fair shake at coming along for the ride which actually improves everyone’s lot, meaning even the successful too.  Economies thrive on the movement, decisions, and activity of its participants and too many of us are having to work at bare subsistence or have no hope for improvement which leads to stagnation and, if unchecked, eventually catastrophe.

This MM victimization ethic can also be extended to other worldly victims such as women who are beaten and disfigured, mass genocide for being on the wrong side of the political game, those who die needlessly for lack of basic medical resources, and children who constantly fight a battle of hunger and may ultimately die of starvation while yet there are other children who are forced into prostitution or being soldiers in some adults war.

For Financial Fridays, it is time to start working against that same victimization with the ill-conceived cultural idea of libertarianism which is not an excuse to avoid the understanding that we are all in this together and an economy must work by bringing as many of its participants along as it can.  If markets are so free and unfettered than why do corporations have to spend billions to influence peddle and buy politicians to get breaks for their own companies?  That means that those who do not have the money and influence get left behind.  Those that are left behind are no longer just the poor in the United States but most everyone else except such a scant minority that a lottery winner could very well understand the odds involved.   So for all intents and purposes, Financial Fridays are about making a moral choice to bring social purpose, meaning, and values back into a life that has been paid off by raging individualism.  A culture that knows that Capitalism is not an excuse for wealth distribution to only those that can pay for it but one that connects us by trying to leave no one behind.

Changing the story of our culture, meaning our narrative vision, is essential to changing our values.  However, we cannot just rework a vision of our world but must act on our behaviors to start to right the ship of fools we now find ourselves in.  Capitalism has drifted into selfishness and greed since the 1980’s with the idea that those who work the market will be rewarded and let everything, including government, stay out of the way in order to produce wealth.  What we ignore in this set of values is that for progress to really happen, we need to understand that in life and economics, we are all connected and in this story together.  When the social takes a backseat to unchecked individualism, what we find is a dysfunctional society where income works in extremes, education becomes part of class, and everyone else gets thrown in jail instead of given opportunity for advancement.

Here are the tips to follow to change the vision and story of our culture to avoid the catastrophe that we are currently descending towards:

  • Speak out with candor
  • Encourage others that we can be better than this
  • Economies work on behavior and actions first and norms and values will follow
  • Honesty and truth will undermine propaganda
  • Seeing and feeling trump rational thinking to create change
  • Small completion creates momentum and fends off doubters
  • Do not try to fix everything at one time
  • Put yourself and others into new surroundings in order to create empathy and a different perspective.
  • Action occurs when barriers and obstacles are eliminated.
  • Working together with peers and group activity empower more collaboration and connection

For the best results, start with Transcendent Thursdays.  Divest yourself of all technology and the fast pace of the world and first reflect on the many things in life to be appreciative and thankful for.  This will help to avoid the feeling that there is too much negative inertia to even begin to solve our financial nightmare and the what-can-one-person-do excuse.  Also, this will bring you to a more hopeful place where you can take in more reflection on how we can all help each other to make things better.  This should yield some FFF To-Do list items that can start the ball rolling.

For example, if this is a Moral Monday and you wanted to start “small”, you may want work on your local college to divest its financial holdings from gun companies.  On Friday though, you may want to encourage first, then petition, and then protest your local college or pension plan to divest its holding from oil companies.  The oil companies make profits and yet do not have to pay for the horrendous effects of climate change that hurt us all.  After that, moving into a larger form on the change scale, you can add solar panels to your home.  This is an excellent way to restore fairness since it not only gets your bills lower and diminishes climate change but it literally connects you to others who are doing the same.  Since money is everywhere, they may be some crossover between the targets on both Monday and Friday.

The world uses a victim mentality as a dam of complacency.  Let’s let Capitalism flow again without flooding everything with it.   When you are frustrated that we cannot overcome the obstacles needed for change, that is when those who do not want that change have got you where they want you.  Let’s start with just one day to avoid these Alliterative Assholes from turning things into Wicked Weeks, then Malignant Months, and finally UnYielding Years.  FFF reverses our days into ones that work to produce energy, heart, and motivation by tapping into one thing that tiniest minority can never utilize, billions of connected souls working to help each other.



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