(noun, etymology Dutch from ‘boedel’: estate, possession, inheritance, stock.). 1. Crowd, pack, lot, as in ‘the whole boodle.’ 2. a. Counterfeit money b. Money acquired or spent illegally or improperly, particularly when used in bribery for political purposes. 3. Slang for money in general.

Beg on the street (disclaimer: you may want to check your local panhandling laws to know what you’re getting yourself into here). Give away your earnings to charity. If your response to being told to beg on the street was, “No way in hell!” what does that tell you about your relationship to money?

Now, whether or not you were able to beg, attempt to give ten dollars of your own money away on the street to passersby (in increments of one dollar) and chart the reactions—theirs and yours.

Develop some new ways to think about money

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