(noun, etymology Dutch from ‘boedel’: estate, possession, inheritance, stock.). 1. Crowd, pack, lot, as in ‘the whole boodle.’ 2. a. Counterfeit money b. Money acquired or spent illegally or improperly, particularly when used in bribery for political purposes. 3. Slang for money in general.

The Satisfied Skunk

Posted on: May. 31, 2011  |  By: Ronnie Kahn  |  Category: General

Around twenty years ago, I started out in the financial services industry.  While my goal was to become a Certified Financial Planning practitioner, I had to go through the courses and pass that exam in order to start my own firm.   In the meantime, I started learning the ropes while hoping at the time that […]

The Take Away from Money: Give Back

Posted on: May. 24, 2011  |  By: Ronnie Kahn  |  Category: General

Whether it is the Middle East or an American election, there is a natural tension between political and economic change.  In Egypt, for example, political change has caused an old regime to be ousted while the new government is just trying to form and develop.  This change though, while political, has yet to address how […]

Bottoms Up: A Toast to Money

Posted on: May. 10, 2011  |  By: Ronnie Kahn  |  Category: General

There is a collective energy that flows in our global world.  Think about how many of us are reflecting on the impact of the killing of Osama Bin Laden (OBL).  Ironically, this came just briefly after many of us, although a smaller majority, had watched the pomp and circumstance of the Royal Wedding.  To some, […]

Unconditional Love and Money

Posted on: May. 3, 2011  |  By: Ronnie Kahn  |  Category: General

Re-imagining Money as a Fair Tender There is a quote by William Faulkner that “History isn’t dead; it’s not even past.”  There is a lot of talk that with the U.S. national debt where it is, this unsustainable level will bring the U.S. and its currency down. In this context, I would like to rework […]


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